Digital at the service of shoppers

The LittleBill App makes shoppers' daily life easier in “1 instant” by centralizing loyalty programs, receipts, warranties and offers in one single app.

  • Accumulate your loyalty points, visualize them & redeem your offers on the App.
  • Receive personalized coupons, events, or loyalty.
  • Visualize the best offers from your favorite stores nearby.
  • Summarize your expenses & use the automatic expenses reports tool.
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Ultimate shopping experience

With the LittleBill app on your phone, you will : 

Save money

Save money

Never forget your loyalty card or lose a warranty.

Save the planet

Save the planet

An eco-friendly solution that will end paper/plastic cards (and soon paper receipts).

Save time

Save time

An instantaneous solution in-store to subscribe, collect or redeem loyalty points.

Enter the future of loyalty program

6 simple steps to get started

1. Download the LittleBill App

Available for Android and iOS 

2. Click on the central button

Enable NFC

3. "1 Instant"

Tap your phone on LittleBill’s stickers at the checkout.


4. Youhou !

You just subscribed in "1 instant"


5. Collect & cumulate your points

You get points with each purchase

6. Redeem your offers

Get rewarded for your loyalty

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